Spring of Life


“Spring of Life”

It’s 13 September 2014. I have no idea how this day would end and that this photograph would mean so much to me.

The weather was alright, enough clouds that would diffuse the harsh sunlight. But what I did not know was, that these clouds would quickly turn into monsters and that not soon after that all hell broke loose. Thunder, rain, and wind took over in a flash. Imagine I had to take cover for the lightning while I was a perfect lightning conductor. I have found shelter between the greens around me and not only that, I found this little creek with a brass plate which gave this beautiful ‘golden’ shine to the streaming water passing it.

My camera actually died this day not long after I’ve taken this photograph. 41 minutes and 35 seconds to be exact. I did not expect that water would find it’s way in my weatherproof/magnesium case this quick, but then again, it was raining bizarrely much. I ended up driving home instead of sleeping in a comfy hotel in the Harz to see if I could revive my camera.

“Spring of Life” was taken in the Harz in northern Germany during extreme weather conditions. This photograph will always remind me that things always go as they to go, like a stream that will always find it’s way to where it should be going, not knowing where it would end. Staying positive is a huge pillar in my life. Somehow I managed to revive my camera after three days.

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