This photograph was taken near one of the Scandinavian most famous traditions called “Midsummer”. A popular celebration for having the longest day of the year, which is 24 hours. It is quite magnificent to experience such a phenomenon. The Sun never goes down, as if the Moon did not exist.

As I traveled from Stockholm to Luleå, I spend two weeks on a small private Island without any electricity where the family where I stayed celebrated Midsummer. Witnessing the Sun claiming more time than the Moon every single day, was an enjoyable and exciting battle to watch. As for seeing the end of it, where nature finds its balance again. The Sun loses 5 minutes of daylight every single day after the longest, I can share with you that those kind of days are truly captivating itself that makes you forget all about time until all is restored.

“Luleå” is one of those kinds of works that makes you experience the best quality of the Sun during a neverending Golden Hour. Dust particles are mostly colored to Orange and Magenta, which is my personal favorite kind of Sunset.

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