Setting up EXXP on my WordPress based website

In Archive by Ruben Cress

A few years ago, I had the idea for bloggers to monetize their written articles. Of course, onboarding users to Hive was the first thing I thought of. One of the biggest challenges was to get people “out” of their comfort zone; their own website. At the same time, this is the biggest problem. One should ask themselves; why would someone leave something that benefits their world? As it turned out, Martin Lees developed a plugin for WordPress to do just that. If you’re browsing through the internet and came across this article: this is written in the back-end of WordPress and pushed to a blockchain called Hive, where I instantly monetize my articles.


I created a website called “blog revenues” to tackle this idea. While this domain just served as a to-go-to test website whenever I would show people how powerful blockchain technology could be, it was forgotten after a while and essentially got expired. Nonetheless, I think it’s time to install this incredibly powerful WordPress plugin on my own website and start blogging about more than just personal things as well. I always keep forgetting to do the very same things I advise others. 


While not so many businesses are trying to move towards Web3, I thought it would be the perfect time to advance into that myself. I might use HBD as a payment method, or seek projects on the blockchain. I surely do have my thoughts about it, and while I am sure it would be possible, current interfaces do lack to be an inviting platform for those who seek projects or would like to hire professionals. 

That being said, this post is an introduction post to EXXP on my website. Preparing my website and my content for web3. This is just going to be the first step of many!