Improving dialogue between citizens and politicians?

How are we going to do that?

Sometimes, you get one of those chances were you can participate in very interesting and emotional projects. This is certainly one of them.  In order to get a better idea to answer the question "What is the essence of good governance", Regio Twente worked on a project to promote dialogue between citizens and politicians.

The project took about two full days of recording, with plenty of time in between to take memorable photographs that gives you a good idea what happened behind the scenes, without telling you too much about the project. However, during the recordings we had many surprising interactions between two people, several times. Some were fun, some were sincerely touching and emotional.

Together with DAP Media Productions, we managed to capture all those beautiful and pure moments. DAP Media Productions was responsible for the direction of the entire project and I had full responsibility for lighting and was assigned to assist with camera control. As a photographer, I was more than happy to photograph some extra behind the scenes images for the archive.

Curious what went on behind the scenes?

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Working on a project like this was really thankful work. It reminded me of how life can be and how we perceive one and another. We often judge a book by its cover, which is unnecessary in my opinion. I always try to treat everybody the same, with or without achievements. To me, this is one of the most important key-elements as a photographer. It allows me to be able to connect and photograph people just the way how they are.

I often questioned myself how "famous" or "important" people would feel and react if they were approached (and photographed) as a person instead of their position. So, whenever I have the chance, I do just so, with the obvious respected manners.


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