Popcorn Time!

May I ask you something?

A few weeks ago, I assisted DAP Media Productions with a pretty exciting project. If you haven't seen what it was like behind the scenes, you can see it all here. Tonight we got the premiere and we will see what Matthijs did with hours and hours of footage. I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to select and choose from all the beautiful parts we captured. I didn't think twice to take my camera with me to shoot some photographs during the evening.

It was a nice surprise that Regio Twente organized a program for their guests right before the start of the film. And yes, there was popcorn!


You could tell that the team worked hard to make it a success. An evening full with interaction, beverages, snacks and popcorn, and of course the film. At the end we got a special thank you from Regio Twente and they bought us a little gift. The evening was a lot of fun. 


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