Epic photoshoot with Handstand Consultancy

You got balls?

One of the most epic photoshoots I ever did, must be the one for Handstand Consultancy. Marketeers and strategists that devote their time to create a strong brand. Their unique presentation and gimmicks are always fun and interesting to look at.

However, don’t let those costumes fool you, the approach they take is almost always simply genius. With the smallest insight they give you, it can result in a massive change in your current way of thinking business-wise, and I can tell you: it is addicting. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and they’re great at it.

When it comes to brainstorming, they’re great sparring partners. With a quick get-together, we sparred for a bit and came up with this concept to get immediate attention from their readers. The images were used and sent out in their newsletter and have been used to announce the event. Who would’ve imagined? Grown-ups playing in an indoor children’s playground. This shoot was so much fun, with the challenges of tackling lighting and capturing the motion of jumping humans and moving balls.

Check it out!

So, you thought you had balls? During the event itself, I helped them out with some basic LinkedIn profile pictures for their visitors. The revenue went straight to "Hip Hop 4 Hope", a project initiated by Handstand Consultancy, which supports and helps the street children of Manilla.

It was great to be part of their project, we had a lot of fun during the whole process. Brainstorming, the shoot itself, and post-processing the images put a smile on my face. Just looking at them gives me good vibes, and that is something we all need.


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