Hyperspeed portraits with Studio MAD

What is the fastest portraitshoot you ever did?

This must have been the fastest photoshoot that I ever did. Fast as in: 11 people in 5 minutes and 59 seconds to be exact. I wonder if I could keep this up if there were hundreds of people. I'm not sure if this counts as a photoshoot, since it was not planned, out of the blue, fairly random and absolutely everything besides organized. Impulsive and a lot of fun! But hey, we clicked some portraits and they came out pretty cool.

"Why?" - One of the staffmembers. My brother: Because it's cool to have!

And why not? We experimented with the tubes that day and they had to be returned as well. And of course, my brother and I had to take a shot together as if we were holding light sabers. Curious about who joined the Darkside?

Check it out!

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