Behind the Scenes

24 hours

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to collaborate together with Studio MAD and Nerds & Company. Nerds & Company created a ingenious concept for a company located in Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland and the USA. Studio MAD and I were responsible to translate the concept in film & photography. Can you guess what it's about?

Even though we were working on a tight schedule, together with a team of 10+ hardcore dedicated professionals, we managed to create all the footage we need. The result of weeks of planning, communicating and finetuning were all captured in this day. No mistakes allowed. 

During the small gaps I shot a few backstage shots that showcases a small portion of the day. Special thanks to the entire crew, a few names are named underneath each photograph. Please, enjoy.

Check it out!

Highlighting the framework  (made by Pascal Joërsen).

Rutger (left, Studio MAD) and Niels (right, Studio MAD).

Jordie (Studio MAD) briefing the talents for the final shot.

Timon (Studio MAD) filming, Wesley (Studio MAD) adding smoke.

Smoke & light check; Teun & Rutger (Studio MAD).

Jordie (Studio MAD).

Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.

Timon (Studio MAD) getting ready for shooting.

Light check; Tina (Nerds & Company) posing.

Ruben (Ruben Cress Photography) marking placements for talents.

Shadow and light check; Tina & Sander (Nerds & Company) posing.

Composition, light & shadow check; Cleo (Studio MAD), Tina (Nerds & Company), Sander (Nerds & Company) and Anne (Studio MAD). I made a terrible joke... :D

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